Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

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Bonding Courses
HeartVERSATIONS: Create a Genuine Heart to Heart Relationship with Your Teen Daughter

HeartVERSATIONS is a ground breaking, 4-week interactive home study course that helps mothers and their teen daughters transform a mediocre or toxic connection into a relationship with an unbreakable bond.


This 4-week video training series is ideal for moms who are seeking to learn ways to improve their relationship with their daughters at their own pace. Through a 5-stage process, you will learn how to honor and affirm yourself more, while listening to your daughter’s concerns as well. You will then develop customized ways to communicate in a way that serves both of you with sincere understanding and respect. In addition, Mom will have the added benefit of participating in powerful group calls with other moms who are facing similar challenges and a strong desire to improve their relationship with their teen daughters. Learn more…

Private VIP Course Sessions with Yoli


One–on-One with Moms and/or Teen Daughters

This coaching option allows moms and daughters to decide to work with Yoli together or separately in a 60-minute session via videoconference, by phone or in person.

  • For Mom’s session, Yoli will UNCOVER the powerful and influential woman inside of Mom that may need to be reinspired to take on the new challenge of raising a powerful teen daughter. Yoli will discuss the daily pressures of a teen girl today that require a mother’s insight and help Mom develop a specific action plan to build healthier communication and bonding experiences that will honor them both.
  • For Your Daughter’s session, Yoli will help your teen DISCOVER and embrace her self-identity to successfully navigate through school campus peer pressures, in order to create an academic experience that helps her achieve her current goals and honor her future aspirations.
  • For a Mom and Daughter session, Yoli will divide a 60-minute session into three parts. The first 20-minutes will involve a separate session with your teen daughter. The following 20-minutes will involve a separate session with Mom, and the final 20-minutes will involve both mom and daughter’s joint investment in a collaborative action plan that will help them both THRIVE together!

Click HERE to take advantage of this customized experience to get your relationships headed in the right direction!


LIVE Group Workshops

For Inspiring Teen Girls

teengirlsYoli will support a group of 15 prequalified teen girls who are passionate and committed to realizing their greatest potential through live in-person workshops during bi-weekly sessions. These sessions will include topics related to self-affirming practices, personal daily rituals, relationship building, handling teen peer pressure, cyber-bullying, and healthy nutritional practices. Take home assignments will include journaling activities, along with additional support for parental involvement. These sessions will also include monthly cultural field trips that will expose these young women to positive and affirming ways of artistic expression through arts and media. Learn more…

For Celebrating Moms


Yoli will support a group of selected mothers who want to learn more about their unique influence and impact on their daughters’ lives through live in-person workshops during monthly sessions. They will explore their relationships with their own mothers and determine if there are any similar behavior patterns in the current relationships they have with their daughters. As a group, they will share healthy communication strategies and bonding activities that will support their own wellbeing and improve the important relationships with their daughters. To take advantage of this workshop, tell us more about your group HERE…



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