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What To Do When Your Daughter is the Bully

“Decide who you are or someone will decide for you.” – Shaun Derik

Is it possible that you could be raising a bully and not even know it? Listen with an open mind and allow engagement expert, Shaun Derik to give you some ways to discover this possibility with a sincere and honest approach. Shaun is affectionately known as the “Speaker for the Dreamer,” and has dedicated his life to the betterment of young people for more than 10 years. From his nationally acclaimed keynotes to his motivational documentary series, Shaun’s gift for inspiring and engaging others has been recognized on CBS, NBC, ESPN Radio, Essence.com and a host of other media outlets. Shaun’s work in education, audience engagement, and philanthropy has afforded him the opportunity to reach over 500,000 dreamers nationwide. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS INTERVIEW!! It was so REAL, we had to do it in 2 parts!!

The highlights of this powerful, pre-recorded call:

  • Learn what it really means to be a bully.
  • Understand the warning signs of a developing bully in your household and what you can do about it TODAY.
  • Learn the power of ‘Radical Empathy’ that Shaun learned from his own mother.
  • Find out the best ways to stand up to bullying, if your daughter is BEING bullied.

Part 2 is HERE: Are You Unknowingly Competing with Your Daughter?

Learn more about ‘Being T.H.E.R.E.: 5 Ways to Actively Engage Young People’ from Shaun Derik at www.ShaunDerik,com!

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