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The Value of Being Transparent With Your Daughter (Part 1)

 “Never pour MORE into other people than you are willing to pour into your own children.” – Margaret Packer

I had the distinct honor and privilege to learn from this proud mother of 3, who nutures and exemplifies grace to her 14 year-old daughter on a daily basis. In this interview, learn HOW to be transparent with your daughter! Mrs. Margaret Packer Is the Executive Manager at Motivating the Masse, Inc. She manages the corporate and personal calendars of the incomparable Lisa Nichols. She coordinates contracts, travel, concierge and customer services and events. Margaret also ensures morale stays high and employees work as a team.

The highlights of this incredible call:

  • Learn how this Mom of three maintains balance in her household, while she travels the world ‘Motivating the Masses’ with Ms. Nichols.
  • Listen to how she nurtures her passion for serving others, while being an incredible role model to her 14 year old daughter!
  • Find out how she encourages her daughter to have healthy relationships even when they end.
  • Get great tips on how to share the good and the bad of a mother’s personal story with the intent to raise a healthy, happy, and whole daughter.
  • Finally, hear what Margaret’s daughter told her that nearly brought her to tears!

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