Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

The Art of Tapping Your Way to Peace of Mind

“Thoughts create hormones. Hormones create chemistry. Chemistry creates your physical body. Therefore, the only thing that really matters are your THOUGHTS!” – Linda Penny

Are you ready to learn how to control your emotions at any given moment and quiet your spirit? Linda Penny will help you do just that! As a holistic health expert and vibrational healer for the past 35 years, she knows exactly which modality and frequency to use to bring each individual into a state of balance and harmony. Our lives and all of the people in it can take us on an emotional roller coaster ride. But, if we are equipped with a process that can IMMEDIATELY relax our bodies and calm our spirits, we can truly be unstoppable! WATCH and FOLLOW me through the process, as Linda takes us through a tapping exercise that literally changed my mood in minutes!!!

The highlights of this transforming call:

  • Find out why it’s important to clear the “rubbish” from your mind before you can move forward.
  • Understand the power of your thoughts.
  • Learn about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) through tapping and start to think differently about your daughter.
  • Learn ways to share this technique with your daughter.

Learn more about tapping from Linda Penny at www.lindapenny,com and The Tapping Solution at www.thetappingsolution.com/eft-tapping-film/!

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