Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

Setting Standards BEFORE Your Teen Daughter Starts Dating

“You are worth the wait…You are a TREASURE.” – ATIYA

Teen dating is truly a favorite topic for many teen girls! They love to talk about their love relationships or their desire to have one some day. Are you worried about the choices your daughter is making in the love department? Well, worry no more! ATIYA, founder of The Marriage Tree has some words of wisdom to share with you about effective practices in the dating process. She has dedicated her life to honing her craft to empower, build and maximize human potential by affecting profound transformation in people’s attitudes, perspectives and behaviors. She brings all her past experiences, education, and business-development skills to focus on her core message: marital harmony ~ extended and profound.

The highlights of this empowering call:

  • Understand why it’s important to keep your daughter’s ‘chastity’ protected.
  • Find out what it means to ‘purposefully date’!
  • Learn how to be a great chaperone for your daughter.
  • Explore what healthy interactions look like.
  • Understand the beauty of the ‘courting’ process while dating.

Learn more about ATIYA at www.TheMarriageTree.net!

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