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Yoli Tamu is an inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, educator, performing artist and the embodiment of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. She believes in the pursuit of happiness, pursuing one’s dreams, believing in yourself and staying true to your own path.


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Yoli spent the past 17 years as an educator, teaching elementary and high school students, which means she knows the challenges young people face growing up in this world. She has four Clear California Professional Teaching Credentials in Music, Mathematics, Drama, as well as Multiple Subjects. She acquired her Masters of Education Degree for Cross-Cultural Teaching from National University in La Jolla, California, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre from Howard University in Washington, DC.
She is a student of the world, having performed abroad in Hong Kong, China and Kobe, Japan, where she also taught a Jazz Vocal workshop to Japanese high school students. She’s also a recording artist and co-wrote and performed the theme song, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Sunshine,” for the movie “Deliver Us From Eva” starring LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union. In addition, she proudly served as an opening act for Frankie Beverly and Maze.
Yoli blends her loves of the creative process with education through the Unity Theatre Foundation, a nonprofit organization she founded in 2006 that helps to inspire high school students through self-empowerment and career development workshops.


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Speaker Topic:

Back to Me: 3 Key Ways to Get What You Want Out of Life Without Being Defensive


Workshop Topics:

• Understanding Your Potential Through Mentors
• Letting Go of Who or What is Stopping You from Reaching Your Goals
• Redefine SELFISH and Take Responsibility for Your Joy
• Decide How You Want the World to Experience the REAL You
• Time to Turn Your Potential Into Reality


Tip Sheet:

5 Ways to UNCOVER the Real You and Watch Others Take Notice


Story Ideas:

Looking for direct and relatable advice to help and support mothers and daughters finding it difficult to communicate with one another in today’s fast-paced internet-driven society?
Yoli has articles that can be reprinted or excerpted.


Yoli’s Interviews and Public Speaking:

Leuzinger HS Student Success Conference, panel member (February 2014)
California State University, Fullerton, Sister Talk Tea (October 2013)
TMS Radio Talk Show (September 2013)
Women Empowered/Unity Theatre Foundation 1st Annual Health and Wellness Retreat (July 2013)
Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets (November 2010 – May 2013)
University of Phoenix, Woodland Hills, CA (January-June 2009)



 “We just heard Yoli speak! She did a wonderful job! It was very motivational and inspirational. I look forward to attending some of her workshops in the future. I will remember to put myself FIRST and live for me and my expectations!”
– Wilonda, California State University, Fullerton Student
“It has been A BLESSING meeting Ms. Yoli. Being a member of Teen Empowerment helped me have a better perspective on my life. When I wake up in the morning I don’t think: “What am I going to wear for my school today?” I think: “What do I want to wear today?” Being in Teen Empowerment also got me connections with college graduates who also started off like me. Ms, Yoli helped open up new doors for opportunity in my life. Thanks to her and Teen Empowerment I AM IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE.“ 
– Shawnna Robinson, Graduating 12th Grade Student, Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, Westchester, CA
“Yoli, you’ve given our daughter a NEW PERSPECTIVE and a deeper understanding on the many aspects of life that affect her daily. Kenberly liked that you inputted your personal insight when giving advice during the workshops. She also enjoyed the variety of the topics and the depth that you and the girls went into the discussions. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!“ 
– Patricia Ferguson, Parent of Graduating 12th Grade Student, Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, Westchester, CA
“I worked at WESM HS (Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets) last school year. I had the very UNIQUE, ENLIGHTENING, AWESOME experience of working with Ms. Yoli and her Unity Theatre Foundation. She approached me one morning and asked if it was possible to start a group of teens. Perhaps an after school program working with teens both boys and girls building self-esteem and positive life experience. I thought it to be a fantastic idea and quickly asked the principal if we could do something like this on campus. He agreed and the program took off. Ms. Yoli had her act together. She contacted parents. She interviewed the girls and boys and we came to the conclusion that her 10 week program was suited for the girls more so boys. Not much participation from the guys. But those girls that signed up valued her very thought out program until the end. THEY LOVED HER AND I DID TOO for doing such a wonderful job. At the end of the 10-week program through donations and hard work recruiting sponsorship, she was able to take the girls on a retreat in the Pacific Palisades. An awesome experience for them. KUDOS TO MS. YOLI FOR CARING AND GUIDING OUR YOUNG ONES in a positive direction. This is so needed in our communities today. I have had a birds eye view of the transformation of these budding young flowers to beautiful roses. Thank You, Yoli.” 
– Sherelle Diggs, Parent Liason for Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, Westchester, CA
“You know already what I feel about you and your program! You are a WONDERFUL ROLE MODEL AND MENTOR to these young boys and girls. THEY NEED YOU! DO NOT STOP! Keep your program going for as long as you can, because these students need guidance and you are just the person to give it to them.” 
– Fred Page, High School Teacher, City of Angels School, Los Angeles, CA


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