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‘Love and Happiness’ Is a Choice

This week BET honored the beautiful and talented, Phylicia Rashad! Her legendary portrayal of Mrs. Clair Huxtable on the Cosby Show will forever be in my memory. Clair Huxtable was a powerful and successful woman of grace and integrity. The character of this woman was not only evident on my TV screen, but it was exemplified in my home growing up. Like Mrs. Huxtable, my mother enjoys being a strong woman, a mother, and a loving wife.

How do you represent the power of your womanhood and reflect JOY in your household? Remember, your daughter is watching! 

‘Love and happiness’ is a choice!!

Mrs. Clair Huxtable took great pride in herself and her family. This very popular scene of Mrs. Huxtable symbolizes everything great about her!

How did your mother represent personal strength and love in your household?

Click image below to see this memorable clip…


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