Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

I See You And You’ve Got Potential

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’ll always be grateful to my mentors. My parents have always been my strongest supporters, but my coaches, teachers, peers, and friends have been my greatest teachers. They’ve taught me about how the world REALLY sees me. Our parents can only see so much in us and then they’ll try their best to protect us from the outside world. But, living in the world is the greatest thing you can do!


I found that being amongst strangers who later became my greatest influencers, introduced me to my ESSENCE. How we live and breathe naturally in the world is experienced differently by people who do not know us. We Iive with ourselves everyday and therefore, our mannerisms are familiar and our habits are routine. But when we go out into the world, who we really are automatically shows up. We are either accepted or rejected for being who we are everyday! It can be the best feeling in the world or the scariest because at any given moment we can be judged or ridiculed, tested or admired, respected or manipulated. Just being you attracts all kinds of people for various reasons. It’s our responsibility to figure out what type of people we really want to attract in our lives to help bring out the best parts of ourselves.


Who we are instinctually comes forth without any effort on our part. We show up and our energy (be it positive or negative) represents who we are without us ever speaking a word. Some of us exude strength, confidence, and beauty, while others exude fear, insecurity and shame.  Life, of course takes it’s toll on everyone, but for some of us an eternal flame seems to burn inside effortlessly and we are respected for our resilience, and sometimes even envied. I often wondered where my resilience came from. And I finally concluded that it came from all the people around me who celebrated my spirit and uniqueness!! Somewhere deep inside me I always knew I was something special.  There was no one else in the world exactly like me. This very thing is true for all of us! We are uniquely different and special. Regardless of the treatment from loved ones or strangers, when you are special you will cause reactions in people. You will attract an audience! Why not use your platform to encourage someone else in the same way you were encouraged?  Your encouragement can come in the form of a smile or a hug when negative energy is around you.


In the midst of discovering just how unique and special you are, you will meet new mentors that have traveled the road you’re walking on and they will recognize you coming. You will know them by the excitement they have for your dreams. You will find their guidance and direction easy to understand, yet challenging to follow because it is new territory for you. Just be willing to take the risk. Their guidance will shake you and awaken parts of you that were sleeping!!



Whenever a dear friend or teacher or parent challenges you to be more than you are, know that you are being awakened in areas of your mind that were lying dormant and unsure. Step out in the uncertainty and allow yourself to be guided by those who see your essence and recognize your greatness. Open up to a special person in your life today. They may just lead you to a place you never even dreamed of.


All the best,


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