Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

How to Help Your Daughter Discover HER Purpose

“Our children are our MIRRORS…Realize what you are reflecting.” – Dr. Towanna Freeman

Young people today are looking for guidance and support. Unfortunately, many of them are searching for validation through social media platforms instead of learning how to nurture themselves and their unique abilities for the purpose of empowering their communities. Award Winning Author and Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Towanna Freeman knows exactly how to serve her community. As Founder of the Young Women’s Empowerment Network and BLCLife, she encourages people of all ages to use their personal power to achieve their goals and dreams. Join me on this eye-opening and refreshing call with Dr. Freeman as she shares how serving her community profoundly impacted the life of her daughter, Jenesis and their inspiring relationship.

The highlights of this eye-opening call:

  • Understand how unwanted “pressure” creates rebellion in your teen.
  • Find out how community outreach empowered her daughter, Jenesis at a young age.
  • Learn how to leverage Rules vs. Consequences during important conversations.
  • Find out how to calculate your reaction to surprising news from your daughter.
  • Don’t miss the free tips Dr. Freeman offers from her book, “Purposeful Action” to help moms recommit to their own purpose!

Learn more about Dr. Towanna Freeman at www.TowannaFreeman.com and BLCLife at www.BLCLife.com!

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