Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

HeartVERSATIONS Bonding Program:
A 5-Step Process to Create a Genuine Heart-to-Heart Relationship
with Your Teen Daughter

In Just 30 Days, Build a Step-by-Step Plan for Reconnecting and Establishing a Genuine
Heart-to-Heart Bond with
Your Teen Daughter!


Are you in search of ways to improve your relationship with your teen daughter? Have you been afraid to ask for help in this area because you think it could mean you are not a ‘good mom’? Or could you be frustrated and unsure about your ability to truly communicate with your daughter in a way that honors BOTH of you?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, you can now relax! I have spoken with many moms just like you throughout my teaching years as a high school and college educator, who felt the same way and now they are enjoying a more meaningful and impactful relationship with their daughters after really taking a closer look at what was separating them in the first place. I’ve listened to countless teen girls tell me how much they wish they could REALLY talk to their moms without feeling like they’d get into trouble, while also listening to great moms who just didn’t understand how to handle their daughter’s roller coaster ride of emotions!

At the end of our time together, both mom and daughter felt validated and learned proven strategies to help reestablish a genuine connection with one another! I’d like to help you reconnect with your daughter too!

If You No Longer Want to Just Survive the Teen Years and You’re Ready to THRIVE TOGETHER as a Powerful Mother-Daughter Team, Then This Online Course is for You!!

HeartVERSATIONS’ is an empowering and personalized course that will:

Introduce you to yourself in a whole new way
Show you how to maintain peace of mind even during the busy times
Help your daughter set personal standards for herself in friendship and in love
Walk you through ways to help your daughter support herself emotionally and physically by maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Show you how to identify daily, weekly, and/or monthly bonding activities to nurture your bond!

Let’s Take a Look at The Program!

This 4-week online course is designed to help you redefine and rebuild your relationship! You will also customize a bonding action plan that will work for both you and your daughter. Your desire for an authentic and genuine bond that will ensure the two of you THRIVE together is waiting for you!!

Week 1 Module: Explore True Passion and Nurture

HVCoverFinal2-e1440564296714This week you will identify personal goals for yourself, and then we'll explore the steps it takes
to get there with your daughter.


Week 2 Module: The Power of Affirmation and the Ritual of Your Example

HVCoverFinal - CopyThis week you will discover your negative and positive thought patterns, draw conclusions about those patterns, support new ones, and identify similarities in your daughter’s thought patterns.

We will then identify how to maintain peace of mind even during the busy times, apply the ‘80/20 Rule’ for listening, guiding and directing your daughter, and then (with the support of the group) you’ll schedule a family ritual/routine to be carried out this week!

Week 3 Module: Identifying the Keepers in Friendship and in Love

HVCoverFinal1-e1440562227693-142x150This week you will recall experiences and lessons from past relationships, identify the standards you set for friends and your spouse/dating partner, and TOGETHER we'll apply the powerful tips to help your daughter navigate through these important relationships.


Week 4: Module: Redefine SELF-ish!

HVCoverFinal-e1440560574933-150x150This week you will discuss your healthy eating and exercise habits with your daughter. We’ll talk about why it’s OK to be selfish with your well-being, and we'll share proven tips to help both of you deal with any signs of depression.


How Does the Program Work?

♣ You will be able to access the course on video or audio file.

♣ You will receive HeartVERSATIONS workbook materials to help you through the program.

♣ You will receive customized Tapping exercises and Guided meditations.

♣ You will need to make time for at least 4 of the 5 weekly calls to report your results.

♣ You will have access to the private HeartVERSATIONS Facebook Group

♣ You will be AMAZED by the changes in your relationship based on your commitment to the program!!

As a Bonus…

You will receive (1) 60-minute consultation for yourself or (2) 30-minute consultations for yourself and your daughter separately.

Message from Yoli

Yoli TamuI have been teaching and mentoring young people for over 18 years and I know how important moms REALLY are to their teen daughters. Young people enjoy learning from speakers, mentors, and coaches, but ultimately, they really wish they could connect more with their moms. After all, you are the FOUNDATION and the center of her world whether she tells you or not. Developing a comfortable and transparent relationship with your daughter takes time, patience and commitment. Establishing a genuine bond serves both you and your daughter in a very powerful and rewarding way. That is why I created this program to support moms and help teen girls reconnect with their moms in a way they never thought possible.


 "I was planning for Sistertalk’s annual tea and I was in charge of booking a speaker for our tea. We look for individuals that can provide an insightful and life changing message, and Yoli was the first person to come to mind. I contacted Yoli and booked her for our tea, and like I expected, she was nothing less than phenomenal.

Her messages left me in awe and I felt energized and optimistic about life following her speech. I recall her emphasizing that we have the power to take charge of our lives, and when we’re feeling overwhelmed to just breathe. She allowed us time to meditate and to focus on our breathing individually, which allowed us to relax right at that moment. Yoli never fails to be a powerful and life changing speaker, and I will look to her every time when it comes to delivering an effective and insightful message.”

- Rwanda Carter, CSU, Fullerton Student and Sistertalk Meeting Planner

“Yoli has given our daughter a new perspective and a deeper understanding on the many aspects of life that affect her daily. Kenberly liked that Yoli inputted her personal insight when giving advice during the workshops. She also enjoyed the variety of the topics and the depth that Yoli and the girls went into the discussions. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU, YOLI!”
- Patricia Ferguson, Parent of Graduated High School Student, Westcheser Enriched Sciences Magnets, Westchester, CA

“Ms. Yoli had her act together. She contacted parents. She interviewed the girls and boys and we came to the conclusion that her 10-week program was suited for the girls more so than the boys. They loved her and I did too for doing such a wonderful job. I have had a birds eye view of the transformation of these budding young flowers to beautiful roses. Thank you, Yoli.”
- Sherelle Diggs, Parent Liaison for Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, Westchester, CA

According to the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC), the following 6 protective factors have contributed to lower suspensions and higher graduation rates:


Implementing these factors has also improved…

  • Attendance and school behavior
  • Social and emotional skills to deal with stressful situations
  •  Resistance to peer pressure to build confidence and show less interest in substance abuse
  • Decreased interest in sexual activity toward healthier choices regarding sexual behavior




Our HeartVERSATION calls will be recorded and sent for you to listen to if you have to miss a call.

These calls are highly interactive. Course support materials will be emailed to you before each call.

For questions, please contact us at (323) 448-0735 or yoli@yolitamu.com.

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Get Ready to Reconnect and Maintain an Unbreakable Bond!



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