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Challenges and Distractions: Drugs and Alcohol, Part 4

“I have learned that I really do have discipline, self-control, and patience. But they were given to me as a seed, and it’s up to me to choose to develop them.” – Joyce Meyer

Drugs and alcohol, and in many cases, food are easy “go tos” for comfort. They definitely offer a false sense of support and a temporary fix to a major problem, a LACK OF SELF CONTROL!  After all, these things don’t talk back!!  They just supply the need you think you have in that moment.  They take away your ability to believe in yourself enough to supply yourself with what you need.

Substances numb you from the challenging realities of the world. Many choose this route because life seems to be too difficult to bear. The everyday stresses of the world are too much for one person to handle or so it seems. The sad reality is substances pull one into addiction because once their effect dies off; a person is drawn to them again to maintain that numbing fantasy. Substances only give the ILLUSION of a happy ending.

The real happy ending begins when you are able to STOP, LOOK in the mirror and make a heartfelt decision to LISTEN to your heart’s deepest desire for peace, comfort, safety and protection. In this pause or stillness, notice how, if only for a moment you were able to truly focus on peace. What you focus on will appear. In the stillness, what you ask for will appear. Your job is to make it a point everyday to wake up and make your request known. I personally spend a great amount of time speaking with God, my Creator and He always sends me a sign.


 In case, you can’t recognize the signs to help you navigate through life’s distractions, here’s a few tips:

  1. Think about what brings you joy and make one step toward it.
  2. Do activities that cause you to relax and be gentle with yourself.
  3. Write down a list of all that bothers and frustrates you, then write your idea of a peaceful solution for as many of them as you can.
  4. Share your ideas of peace with a trusted person or counselor in your life (that person could be me!, sign up), and gather their ideas as well.

We all have an idea of what our own peaceful world looks like. Follow these tips and be mindful of how you are responding in your life.  Before getting angry or frustrated with people, do your best to recognize the journey in others, while you recognize the journey in yourself. The REAL you is waiting to come out from hiding!

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