Yoli Tamu, Mother-Daughter Bonding Strategist

Are You Taking Time for Self-Love?

“Identify what fills YOUR reservoir!” – Denise Hart

In this fast-paced society, it is not always easy for moms to stop, breathe, and CELEBRATE  themselves. You wear so many hats and you deserve some serious R&R (rest and relaxation)! Join me and Revenue Reinvention Strategist, Denise Hart as we discuss the importance of SELF CARE! As CEO of the Momentum Institute for Women, she’s also known as America’s leading ambassador helping women embrace the Sexy Side of Spirituality and cross over to their next level of greatness. Denise is a veteran entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience helping women embrace their birthright of success! 

The highlights of this life-affirming call:

  • Understand why it’s important to reconnect, reaffirm, and DISCOVER you!
  • Find out some of the signs that will let you know it’s time to ‘check-in’ with yourself.
  • Learn what meditation can TRULY offer.
  • Find out how to get more Vitamin “N” in your diet.
  • Understand how your career choice contributes to your self-care.

Learn more about Denise Hart at www.MomentumInstituteForWomen.com and her FREE 30-Day Self Love Celebration!

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